Client Testimonials

“Tricia saved my life, literally. After attempts at traditional medical approaches to my high blood pressure, I knew there had to be a different way to treat my symptoms besides just taking meds. Tricia spent hours understanding my background, my lifestyle, and who I was in this world and together we were able to diagnose the triggers to my HBP. In addition, the techniques she taught me have kept me healthy and I have been able to use some of them with my family. I am forever grateful for Tricia and her approach to medicine. It goes without saying that I recommend Pinnacle Health and Tricia Petzold to anyone wanting to get behind what is causing their medical issues and to connect with someone who will focus on the whole person.”

– Adina Gardner

Anti-inflammatory Nutrition Program

“I have absolutely loved the program. I have always desired to understand more about nutrition, and this program really delivered.”

– Linda Harrison

“Amazingly simple yet delicious menus, and doable concept, but life changing. The weekly small group check-ins are key, and the price is right.”

– Sari R.

“ I found it life changing and a great way to set the reset button. Truly, the program has changed a number of my habits and made my body (and brain) function better.”

– Karen Weiss

“The Anti-inflammatory program was crucial for me. Having meal plans and recipes paired with educational material regarding what those foods do to my body made appreciating and sticking to the elimination diet, not just possible, but easy.”

– John C.

“This program has a lot of great information that has clarified some questions i have had about food. The results were amazing! I went into this just wanting to eat food without having major symptoms, especially bloating and cramps which is what I mostly had when I would eat. Not only did my bloating/cramps pretty much resolve but my mind is clear and I have a lot more energy. The way I think about food and the way I eat will be changed forever.”

– Cheyanne C.

“Dr Petzold made the program with her extensive knowledge spanning both conventional and preventative/holistic medicine, as well as her care and concern for the well-being of the participants.”

– Jacob Andra

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